Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ta daaaaaaaa!

Wow its freeeeeezing out there - we're just glad that spending Saturday selling our wares at the Christmas fair gave us that warm, fuzzy festive feeling!  It's safe to say that our very first fair was a resounding success and we're so thankful to all our friends who came along to support us.

On Friday night we had great fun setting up out stall and getting everything just so for the big day ahead.  Thanks to my hubby George for bringing the manpower for all the heavy lifting!

Ta daaaaaaaa!

Our top sellers on the day were our oh so cute painted wooden spoons and Christmas decorations and we also parted ways with a a few gorgeous pieces of furniture.  These included Amy's fabulous pearly purple chair with a silver trim, a beautiful black glossy chair, which was going to take pride of place in a newly decorated black and white bathroom and our shabby chic stools which were given a new lease of life with some duck egg paint.

Along with their purchase each customer got a yummy candy cane and one of our Ditsy House postcards and since the fair we have received a number of follow-up requests to buy our furniture pieces and also to up-cycle people's own furniture - exciting!

So the fun doesn't stop here, it looks like we have a busy time ahead with all things Ditsy and we have definitely got the craft fair bug!

This weekend is going to be spent ditsyfying our own homes for Christmas, along with a well earned festive tipple and Elf the movie indulgence - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

DHD xx


  1. Congrats! The display looked wonderful :)

    1. Thank you very much :) only just seeing this comment now for some reason!